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Declaring and Coronation of SPH as the Successor of Kolada Matha in the Presence of Hindu Leaders in Nasik Kumbh Mela

On 14 Sep 2015, Sri Shantaveera MahaSwami coronated Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) as successor to the Kolada Matha to declare the same to the August assembly of all the Ācārya Mahamandaleswars, Peethadhishwars and Sri Mahants of the Akhāḍās (top religious leaders of Hinduism).

SPH being coronated as the Heir to Kolada Matha by His predecessor Sri Sri Sri Shantaveera Mahaswami at Nasik Kumbh Mela, 2015. Below are the picture of this elaborate and  traditional coronation ritual and ceremony.  

Sri Shantaveera MahaSwami highly appreciated the work SPH is doing in making a breakthrough happen for Sanātana Hindu Dharma and requested Him to continue building temples and the global enriching work He was doing to enable the entire world to experience the true powers of Hinduism. He and all the other Hindu leaders fully support and stand behind His Divine Holiness in enabling His vast vision for Hinduism to come true.

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Sri Sri Dr. Shantiveera MahaSwamiji has always been an outspoken supporter of SPH, often praising Him for his incomparable service to Hinduism and emphasizing the need for Hindu leaders to support Him, and serve Karnataka and the country. Kolada Matha is an age-old temple of Śiva dating back to more than 2000 years. SPH graciously accepted Sri Sri Dr. Shantiveera MahaSwamiji’s request to be Uttaradhikari (the legal heir and successor) of the Kolada Matha.

Sri Shantaveera MahaSwami said “Sri Nithyananda Swami is a great Hindu leader who has boldly built Hindu temples and consecrated Hindu deities all over the world and is reviving traditional Hinduism authentically. We are here to support him in all his efforts to serve humanity. I pray to the Lord to grant him a long and active life, and let all support him.”

Video of Sri Sri Sri Shantaveera Mahaswami addressing SPH as “Shantaveera” (as SPH is his successor), and as ‘Immadi’, which is a way of addressing royalty or royal successor; Video –

Sri Sri Dr. Shantiveera MahaSwamiji addresses the Subjects gathered at Ādi Peetam on the occasion of SPH’s Birth star celebrations. He addresses SPH as “Shantaveera” (as SPH is his successor), and as ‘Immadi’, which is a way of addressing royalty or royal successor.

Below are the photos of this gathering.