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Saint Tirumular

Tirumular (also spelt Thirumoolar etc., originally known as Suntaranāthar) was a Tamil Shaivite mystic and writer, considered one of the sixty-three Nayanmars and one of the 18 Siddhars.


Thirumoolar, the mystic man of Tamil Siddha Medicine System, belongs to Shiva ancestry i.e… person from Kailash.

He is considered to be lord Shiva’s chosen Tamil interpreter of the great mysteries pertaining to the life itself.

His work THIRUMANTHIRAM deals with conquering mind soul and body and is the key part of Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta, THE TENTH THIRUMARAI.

He is the one among eight persons who has seen Nataraj(Lord Shiva’s  form) performing the Ananda Tandava (“Dance of Delight”) or cosmic dance.

Thirumanthiram is highly organized and has been divided into nine sections called Tantras, containing the quintessence of the Saiva Agamas.


The primary source of biographical details on Tirumular is the Tamil work known as Peirya Puranam, authored by Sekkilar. Periya Puranam is a work which gives the life stories of all the sixty-three saints (Nayanmars) of Saivism. Though Tirumular is a Siddha, he is popularly known as a Saiva saint of the Siddhanta tradition

After getting initiated by the graceful Nandi (Siva) at Mount Kailash and attaining the Aśtamasiddhis (the eight supernatural powers) one yogin (who’s original name is not given in Periya Puranam) started for the southern hill called Podigai to meet and to spend some days in the company of his long time friend Agastya.


Sekkizhar’s Periya Puranam is a revered Tamil literature that documents the charithiram (life-account) of sixty three Nayanmars (loosely meaning saints) of Shaivism (the tradition devoted to Lord Shiva). Siddha Thirumular’s life-account is documented in Periya Puranam, as he is also revered as one among the sixty three Nayanmars. Other sources that also share the history of this great Siddha are Thiruththondar Thiruvandhadhi, Thiruththondar Purana Saaram and a few more texts.

History of Kolada Mutt (Excerpts)

Book Title: Adi Peetha Sri Kolada Mutt Mahasamsthana

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Excerpts – Mysuru King offers Kolada Mutt its Property & Land

Page 43 (translation): The sweetness of Kolada Mutt spread beyond the state borders far and wide. When the numbers of disciples from other states swelled, how could our state be left behind?

Even our king came in contact with the Math.

The procession of the king came to the ashram and the king prostrated before the Kolalu Mutt Shree and said, “The fame that has spread in all 10 directions, we had only heard about the greatness of Shri Kolalu Math till now. Today I have the fortune of having your physical darshan.”

When the Mysore Maharaja was suffering from mental distress that could not be healed, he had the fortune of getting an interview with Kolalu Math shree who was in the midst of his Chaitra month yaatra. Much to the King’s elation, the Kolalu gave him an easy solution to the vexed issue that had troubled the king for a long time now. As an expression of deep gratitude, the king offered the title deed and land records of land that now belonged to the Kolalu Math and left fulfilled.

Kolada Mutt and Dravida Shaivism

Kolada Mutt Reference Book :

Sri Sri Sri Dr. Shantha Veera Maha Swamiji offers salutations at the feet of Mahashakti, Great goddess Shivamma  who supported in installing the Mutt which had fallen down.

He also remembers Sri.T.G.Guruchennabasavaradhya, who supported the Mutt which was about to fall and infused life .

Kolada Math has existed from a long time ago, that is around 7th century that means around 1300 years ago, even before the times of Basavanna. That’s why its bones and pillars are the vedas and agamas, not the vachanas, the yagna and the yagas.

Kolada Mutt now has 8 branches outside the state with many devotees.

It is the only Mutt to win award for having branch abroad.

Kolada Mutt has done a major contribution in several ways across the country.

Long ago, when Bangalore was known as Benda-kalooru, it was not big as the capital it is today. In a small town called “Annepura” inside of a forest, the Math even existed before that time without any fanfare in a remote place helping people uplift themselves on all fronts.

This was a kingly Math that had 63 branch Maths. Here Rajarajeshwari sitting on a throne was worshipped in a royal way.

There are four branches in Indian Shaivism – Akuleesha, Kashmeera Shaiva, Pashupatha and Dravida Shaiva. Later on it was the shining sun rays of the Dravida Shaiva that opened the lotus doors of Karnataka. The importance difference between the Tamil and Kannada Shaivites is that for Dravida devotees have great devotion to immovable Shiva while the Kannada Lingayats (the one who wear shiva linga (the formless form of Shiva on them) love the small shiva lingam that dwells in the temple of their palm. However, this Kolada Math is the meeting point of both Ishta (favourite) Linga and immovable deities. This is the confluence of the collective Dravida and Kannada nectar. This Math boasts of a unique history not available in others. Equal importance is given to both – practice of abhishekam to the main deity in the Shiva temple is accompanied along with the arathi offered to the Shiva linga on the palm.

When did it gain this? To answer this, we need to meet the great souls who made Tamilnadu bathe in the nectar of Shiva bhakti. They are the 63 Shiva bhaktas (Nayanmars). They are always immersed in Shiva Bhakti. These mobile Shivas believed everything else meant nothing. They rejuvenated Dravida Shaivism. They are not the frogs in the well bound by caste. From the twice born (Brahmin) to the lowest person, from the king to the soldier, from the wealthy merchant till the poorest person – all of them are the same. Once they reached oneness with Shiva, thats it. They will just surrender to Shiva leaving all the caste considerations.

Kingdom of Mysuru
Sri Shantaveera Mahaswami Lauds & Supports Paramahamsa Nithyananda

15th September, 2015 at Triambakeshwar Kumbh Mela Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta camp Sri Shantaveera Mahaswami, KoladaMutt Lauds & Supports Paramahamsa Nithyananda In Serving The World

He said “Sri Nithyananda Swami is a great Hindu leader who has boldly built Hindu temples and consecrated Hindu deities all over the world and is reviving traditional Hinduism authentically. We are here to support him in all his efforts to serve humanity. I pray to the Lord to grant him a long and active life, and let all support him.”

Atirudra Mahayaga
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